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Sustainability and ethics committee

The Board has a Sustainability and Ethics Committee1) which is responsible for overseeing the Company’s global responsibility and ethical business conduct, its strive to be a responsible corporate
citizen, and its contribution to sustainable development. The Committee regularly reviews Stora Enso’s Sustainability Strategy and Ethics and Compliance Strategy and, in accordance with Stora Enso’s corporate governance structure, oversees their effective implementation. In its work the Committee takes into consideration Stora Enso’s Purpose and Values as well as Code of Conduct and Business Practice Policy.

The Committee comprises two to four Board members who are nominated annually by the Board. The members are independent of and not affiliated with Stora Enso. At least one Committee member is expected to have sufficient prior knowledge and experience in handling responsibility and ethics matters. The Committee meets regularly, at least two times a year. The Chairman of the Committee presents a report on each Sustainability and Ethics Committee meeting to the Board. The tasks and responsibilities of the Committee are defined in its charter, which is approved by the Board. Sustainability and Ethics Committee members may receive remuneration solely based on their role as directors. The compensation is decided by the shareholders at an AGM.
Current members
Anne Brunila (chairman), Hock Goh and Göran Sandberg were elected  as members of the Sustainability and Ethics Committee on 27 April 2017. 
Remuneration: chairperson EUR 10 000 and member 6 000 per annum as decided by the AGM in 2017.
In 2016
The Sustainability and Ethics Committee comprised three members in 2016: Anne Brunila (Chairman), Elisabeth Fleuriot and Richard Nilsson. The Committee convened 4 times.
The Committee in each of its meeting reviews the areas relevant for the Committee’s work, including a update on sustainability matters as well as ethics and compliance matters. The Committee further reviews sustainability and ethics and compliance KPI’s, sustainability reporting as well as relevant
sustainability initiatives and processes carried out during the year. An important part of the Committee’s work consists of overseeing reported compliance cases.