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Paper for recycling

Stora Enso is one of the largest single consumers of Paper for Recycling (PfR) within the European market. We strive to source PfR as close as possible to our mills in order to minimise transportation distances and related costs and environmental impacts.

Through contracts with local authorities and communities we secure volumes of paper from household collection to be sorted and used as a valuable raw material at our mills. This paper is then transported by truck for short distances to sorting plants that are mainly located on our mill sites. After sorting, non-pulpable material is also utilised in our mills own power plants to generate energy.

Europe’s PfR collection rate has been high for many years, and in 2013 it rose to a record high level of 72%. This is a remarkable achievement, especially since the European Recovered Paper Council (ERPC) estimates that 22% of all produced paper is of grades that cannot be recycled, such as tissue paper. The rate of 72% is already two percentage points higher than the target set by ERPC for 2015. This nevertheless means that 6% more paper could still be recovered, and Stora Enso is actively collaborating with local authorities and communities to find ways to further increase the recycling rate.