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“Do good for people and the planet. Replace fossil-based materials with renewable solutions.” is the purpose that guides us in all that we do.

Stora Enso is transforming from a traditional paper and board producer to a renewable materials growth company.

Our customers include the packaging, joinery and construction industries as well as publishers, printing houses and paper merchants.

Stora Enso's mills are located on all continents of the world and produce pulp, paper, packaging boards and wood products.

Stora Enso sales totalled EUR 9.8 billion in 2016. We have about 25 000 employees, in more than 35 countries.

Stora Enso consists of five divisions.

Stora Enso was formed in 1998 through the merger of the Finnish company Enso and the Swedish company STORA.

An innovation culture puts great emphasis on customer need and the sharing of know-how, ideas and best practices in a structured manner.

Businesses and functions


for print media and office use

Wood Products

for building, construction and living. Pellets for heating


for consumer goods and industrial applications


for paper, board and tissue production