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Experts in forest-based renewable materials

​The Stora Enso brand touches customers and diverse stakeholders all over the world. It is a reflection of our ambitions and strategies, and most importantly the value we can bring in customer segments, global markets and local communities.
‘The renewable materials company.’ This encapsulates the Stora Enso brand.
Stora Enso strives to be not only an efficient producer of biomaterials, wooden constructions, paper and packaging – but also an innovative company that constantly develops renewable materials to re¬place fossil fuel-based and other non-renewable materials in different applications.
A common thread is helping our customers to be more attractive in a world with a growing demand for sustainable solutions. In this respect, Stora Enso offers:
• Renewable materials
• Experience and know-how to help customers meet their vision and business demands
• Global resources – but with a local presence, service and responsibility
• High precision logistics and customer support system
• Traceability covering 100% of the wood or pulp we use or purchase

Underlying our brand, Stora Enso is focused on responsibility across all businesses, operations and geographies. Our purpose ‘Do Good for the People and the Planet’ and values ‘Lead’ and ‘Do What’s Right’ remain at our core.
We work actively in promoting our brand consistently in our communications and marketing for all audience groups – to connect to customer needs and stakeholder expectations, and strengthen belief in our future and value.
All product and service offerings are endorsed by the company brand Stora Enso.