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Venture Client Programme with Kone and Stora Enso

​In the Combient Foundry Venture Client Programme, we want to explore new business models utilizing emerging technologies such as AI, VR&AR, IoT, big data analytics, sensor technologies, robotics, smart logistics, and materials. Selected companies will work side-by-side with our experts in a series of sprints to develop co-created solutions.
In this programme, Stora Enso is partnering with Combient, Kone and Vertical to find the most innovative startup companies around the world. We have chosen a number of business challenges where we need your company’s help. Apply by 28 February 2018. Our business challenges are your opportunities!

The challenges from Stora Enso
​Virtual ForestSmart Sales & Purchase​Information Flow & Market Intelligence​
​Solutions in digitalization, analytics, visualization, big data, AI, automation, IoT for example that can assist forest owners in the decision process, management, and maintenance of their lands.

​Technological solutions to improve efficiency in the process of selling and buying timber, taken economic and environmental factors into account. This can include AI, analytics, data visualization, tracing, and tracking.​Intelligent omni-channel approach to create new markets or increase share in existing ones while deepening market and customer understanding with predictive information sources and tools such as analytics and visualisation. 
​Smart PackagingSuperior Customer Experience​Something else?​
​Solutions that could be applied to packaging and logistics in the construction sector, focused on reusable, returnable or recyclable materials, IoT, packaging methods, and minimization of storage space. Joint opportunity with Kone.

​Customizable platform for further integration with global key customers, from order handling via supply chain monitoring to sustainability performance and finally customers operational fulfillment, to fully enhance customer experience.

​Do you have an idea or a technology with the potential to help transform the renewable solutions industry in packaging, biomaterials, wooden constructions or paper? Are you working with software, sensors, IoT, big data, analytics, packing chain and materials, AI, VR, AR, robotics, automation, tracking, wearables or in any other area that can offer relevant solutions? Then we are looking for you!

The programme in short
A 3-month venture client programme and co-working space in one of Europe’s biggest startup hubs, Maria 0-1 in Helsinki, FinlandYou will work closely with Stora Enso and Kone senior leadership and industry experts to identify business opportunities and co-create solutionsYou will get access to Combient’s team, expertise and network

How to apply
You find the application form on the Combient website by clicking here.