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Value through innovation

For Stora Enso, innovation is not just about what we make, but how.

The path of innovation

​In Stora Enso’s transformation to a renewable materials company, a strong customer focus and new innovation approaches will enable us to respond to market trends and customer requirements with new and better solutions in renewable materials.
An innovation culture puts great emphasis on customer need and the sharing of know-how, ideas and best practices in a structured manner across our businesses and market segments.
Opportunities can be found in, for example, the utilisation of the different fractions of biomass from the tree, like cellulose, hemicellulose (sugars) and lignin, for new applications in specialty chemicals, construction, coatings, personal care and food industries, among others.

Alternatives to plastic or aluminium packaging are driving many developments in consumer packaging. Additionally, innovation continues in paper and board products – for consumer or industrial applications – to improve performance properties as well as reduce weight, costs and environmental impacts.

The landscape is wide open for new solutions for sustainable living – to meet demand for renewable or recyclable packaging as well as wood-based construction as viable alternatives to concrete, steel and other less sustainable materials.

For Stora Enso, innovation is not just about what we make, but how. We constantly look for ways in which we can improve processes, save energy and resources in our own operations, for our customers and throughout the value chain.

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