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GROW Global Trainee Programme 2017 received 2065 applications

​GROW Global Trainee Programme is Stora Enso's offering to top graduates from University. We look for external candidates who have a maximum of three years of experience after graduation, want an international career as a leader and speak excellent English. We hire approximately 30 participants to each programme, and offer a full time position, a 3 month international assignment, 4 weeks of leadership training modules with a world-class academic partner, a senior Stora Enso professional as a mentor, a GROW Sustainability Project completed for top management, a corporate business project and a network of colleagues from all around our business. After the 18-month programme, the full time work continues with a great start to a career within Stora Enso. The open positions vary per programme, and in this round we offered 31 positions in total.

The third GROW campaign ran from December 2016 to February 2017. The total amount of applications was 2065, of which 1798 reported the expected type of educational background based on job descriptions, a wish for an international career and good English language skills. Learnings from previous campaigns were adopted, and more focused channels and targeted ads resulted in a lower cost per applicant than before as well as more quality applications. All in all, one may say that digital first, along with Stora Enso's approach of telling real trainee stories to the right target groups, is working, and GROW programme awareness is growing!

A few key points from the applicant pool show us that sales and business development positions dominated application numbers, which is great for Stora Enso's focus on sales transformation. All positions ultimately received a healthy amount of quality applications.

Most popular positions


What happens next?

The GROW Recruiting Process is ongoing, and 1078 candidates have passed on to the next stage. The candidates will go through a rigorous selection process including three online tests, a video interview with a business case and interviews. The final, selected group of GROW Trainees will begin their 18-month programme in September 2017.

How can I learn more about GROW and opportunities at Stora Enso?

The GROW website showcases trainee stories from past years, and new opportunities crop up all the time on the Careers page. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to hear about the latest news.

The next GROW application period will begin in December 2018. If you missed this round, we look forward to seeing your application then!


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