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60 seconds as a pathbuilder

​​Stora Enso has a leadership programme called the Pathbuilders. It is an explorative journey to leadership for the individuals participating in it, combined with challenging projects that the group will be working on for about 6 months. I am privileged to be a part of this group of 16 people. Our journey has just started a few weeks ago at IMD in Lausanne.
Many colleagues have been wondering what it is actually like to be at IMD. What do we actually do and what does it look like, what makes it so special? I can now tell you, that it is a lot of sitting in class, group works, discussion and reflections. It is fantastic professors, interesting pe​ople and great food. It is also a lot of learning and discoveries about big topics like strategy and responsibility, and maybe even more importantly about me, and people around me.
In order to give you an impression what it is like, I made some simple video clips of our days, so you can have a bit of a sneak preview. I hope you enjoy it!