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Call me Enso. Stora Enso.

5 November 2013

Welcome to everyone again. More than a week has passed since our module 2 ended in Lausanne, but reflections and feelings about that are still on high speed. I still try to analyze and draw up conclusions. Title? Let me explain a little bit later.
Basically what I would like to share with you is related to both, first and second module, extended by my personal observation and thoughts. Since I joined Stora Enso I noticed that company is focused much on safety and devotes a lot of attention to issues in relation to safe working environment. I believe that all Trainees have noted that during our time together there is a lot of talks on this topic. In Porvoo we had a session about safety in Stora Enso given from Sari Sarin – Head of Occupational Health and Safety and others faculty mentioned about it too. And finally our CEO himself, every time he meet us, spends some time on it and remind us to remember about safety. Undoubtedly all of us remember invoked example of fastening seat belts in the car. Indeed, this is first step to learn some kind of auto impulse to take care of our safety. Our and people in our surroundings.

​I found such reflection after internal whole day's safety training in Ostroleka Mill, which I was participating in. It was a part of big training cycle in company, where we talked among other things about reasons of different accidents. Often as a reason of many cases there was said such words as "routine" or "lack of job satisfaction", which entails not fully thought out operation. And here accurately matched are words heard by Trainees, that If you stop enjoying at job, would be better to leave, for you and company. I have met many people at Stora Enso who love their job, who have a lot of fun because of that and cannot imagine life without it. It is awesome to look at employees who are fed by working. They are so engaged in their task that we can say their first name could be Stora, and last name could be Enso.:) It doesn't mean that they don't make any mistakes or are not at risk of accident, but for sure their decisions are better thought out and more aware. Definitely much easier they care about themselves and their fellow workers. Furthermore they are obviously more efficient employees.

Joining to Stora Enso, I noted one more big difference in relation to other jobs. Basically it concerns working in papermaking industry. My feeling is that in other job areas people learn new things through sometime and then they start falling into monotony. Here is a little different – everyday something new and I'm convinced that this state is much longer, even all the time. When I worked in another branch, the response to my question "How are you doing?" was : "The same ****, but different week" (let's agree that instead of dotted place there was bad word indicating big dissatisfaction because of being at work ). In Stora Enso in turn sometime I hear facetiously that papermaker profession is not a job – it is a lifestyle :-)

My words above are not any kind of appeal to everyone that should move as much their private life as it possible to work and wear clothes with company logo. I just wanted to share with you my thoughts and observations and also attempt to put learned things into practice surface.
I think that rest of Trainee team can find association between discussion during our get together and regular tasks realization. And I wish to all Trainees could find this lifestyle at Stora Enso.