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From Blind Applying to Stora Enso

​It has been overerran_web1.jpg a month since I joined the company, and it's a good opportunity to share my story from Blind Applying to Stora Enso.

First of all, what is Blind Applying?  I can still recall last year when I searched for an internship in Paris, my friend sent me a link to Blind Applying's website and said "Try this!" I clicked and found an amazing world. You don't need to prepare a cover letter, you don't need to study company facts before sending out a resume, you don't need to update the company's position list day and night. The only thing you need to do is present yourself and tell them what you want. It sounds cool and it is! I finished the applying immediately. Time goes slow when you are waiting or expecting something. Finally, I received an interview invitation and now I've been an intern in the Stora Enso Shanghai office since last month.

Now it's time to say something about myself. My name is Erran Yang, I'm from China and I'm soon to be 23 years old. I am a master student at University Paris Dauphine and I will graduate in November this year. I have a bachelor degree in English and Finance and I majored in International business during master. After the three-month internship at Stora Enso, I will go back to Paris to finish my studies.

The past month has been really nice. Both the working environment and the colleagues are nice.  I serve as a sales coordinator and my major task is to give full help to the general packaging sales team. For example to prepare product samples for potential customers and handling the orders to make sure they are always on time. I feel really happy every morning when I wake up and get ready for work. Now I am getting used to using the systems Fenix and Coptimi to ensure every order runs smoothly. Plus, as I learn more I found my work more interesting and I feel proud of working for Stora Enso. In the near future, I will try my best to do all my work independently. Additionally, I will also learn more about paper and board as well as get to know Stora Enso better.