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Future Market and wood-based products

​Have you ever had a temptation to have a look into the future? Maybe some of you have thought about that once in a while. It could have been possible if you had been on Helsinki Exhibition Centre few weeks ago. 

There is a Forest Exhibition every year in Helsinki, where all the people interested in forestry come to update their knowledge and meet each other. The Future Market was established first time this year as a part of the exhibition. Future Market is an area where Stora Enso and other companies introduce their new and innovative wood-based products.


IMG_5111 (2).JPG  

We, here in Helsinki Forest Service Point, got a possibility to be part of the team arranging this event. There were also many experts from different business areas of Stora Enso. The planning of this event began already many months ago. Back then we started to seek new ideas and a theme to upcoming event. We wanted to bring out some products which are concrete and close to the consumers in everyday life. As the main attraction we selected the dress named “Allu”. Allu is the result of groundbreaking co-operation between Stora Enso and Marimekko Oy. The fabric is made 100% birch based pulp and is also environmentally produced. It made forest owners to think what all can be made from the trees they sell to Stora Enso. 



There were few mishaps with the preparations of the exhibition.  The first construction morning began with the stunned faces when we saw the first buildings of our exhibition area. Instead of the glamorous catwalk, we saw thing more like a boxing ring. Luckily we had enough time to instruct our exhibition builder to rebuild the stage again. Finally, the result was excellent and Allu-dress got the stage of it worth. 
We got some “rethink” ideas also at very last moments before the visitors arrived.  And therefore Tuukka had to run around the city with the fresh flowers. The mannequin wearing Allu got also elegant wooden eyeglasses made by Kraa Kraa. 
The opening day of the Forest Exhibition was on Thursday. The reporters had a possibility to interview our experts and we got some positive attention with our products. The exhibition was open to other visitors from Friday till Sunday. People were very interested about our new wood based products and many of them would like to buy those already! Unfortunately this time they had to just watch them.  However, visitors left our stand very satisfied after they got free tree seedling from our section!




Best with this event was to see how much people were interested about our new wood-based and eco-friendly products. It was also great to see how people from different sectors and backgrounds made active co-work for common goal!
Niina & Tuukka