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Stora Enso - a universe of expertise

​Finally it has become my turn to blog again! I am currently stationed in Imatra, Finland, for a three-week project within Human Resources. It is part of my Trainee International Assignment, which will last for three months and also bring me to places such as Poland and India. I had no previous experience from HR before taking on this project, and saw this as an opportunity to challenge myself as well as to develop and broaden my skills and experience.


This time I want to share with you an observation that I have made many times since joining Stora Enso little over a year ago, and yet again in these past weeks.


In the project I am working together with colleagues in the local HR organizations, and since the start of the project I have been looking forward to coming out and meeting those people. Having now spent two weeks in Imatra, I have yet again realized the enormous amount of knowledge that exists within our company, at all levels and in all functions. It seems that wherever you turn, with any issue you can think of, there is always a colleague whose job is to deal with exactly the issue you are having. From currency hedging, to printability of our products, to tailor-made IT solutions, to making sure that every order reaches the customer on time (and the list goes on), there are colleagues who can answer every question you might have.


This is quite fascinating in a way, to think that we are a company of 25,000+ experts, who all focus on a very particular area of the organization’s success, and who are all really good at what they are doing, and most are also keen on sharing their knowledge! There are many ways to get influenced by each other’s expertise – an international assignment is one opportunity to broaden your perspectives, both geographically and functionally, in order to exchange views, ideas and knowledge. However, you do not necessarily have to go abroad to do this; you might as well start by asking that colleague on the other side of the office about what they are working on!


Until next time, stay safe.