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The Helsinki Connection

Reconnect is the main yearly event in Stora Enso and this year it was arranged for the second time.  About 300 people from all around the company attended the event that took place in Helsinki, Finland. Most of the participants were present in one way or another as "ex officio", but to gain a real diversity there were 30 places offered to anyone in the company through an open application process. The process included writing an assignment and after that an interview for the selected candidates. I was happy to be one of the qualified, actually for the second time because I took part also in the first Reconnect in Berlin 2014.

The event was a comprehensive overview to Stora Enso of today, main themes being innovation and customer centricity. It included fascinating presentations by our leaders, a lot of networking and sharing between colleagues and also a lot of fun like an outdoor event and fancy dinners.




For myself the most interesting part this year was the Mega Dive group practice, which is based on a method also known as the Deep Dive. The goal for this whole afternoon practice was to address challenges for the company and to innovate solutions to the problems we were introduced. The process was extremely skillfully introduced and conducted by Mr. Albrecht Enders, a professor of the Swiss business school IMD. 

The method is executed by generating several ideas in the teams and then democratically choosing two of them to refine and process further. The practice includes several phases, where the teams present their own prototypes to the others, give and receive feedback and modify their own work by utilizing the ideas and inputs received. There are facilitators with great expertise available if the teamwork somehow gets stuck and some guidance or support is needed.

One goal for the Mega Dive was really to come out with some new ideas and innovations concerning the main themes mentioned. A certain team will carefully investigate the ideas and the best ones are developed further.  For myself Mega Dive was more like a journey or an adventure and also a possibility to learn new thinking about group dynamics and problem solving. It really offered a lot to think about and it was a huge privilege to attend such an inspiring exercise.

Reconnect 2015 was a motivating experience in many ways. Once again it offered possibilities to meet nice colleagues and to strengthen the existing networks and create new ones. It also made me think how it would be possible to benefit from the learning received in my everyday work and even life overall. I was happy and proud to be part of it and for the forthcoming years I strongly encourage everyone in Stora Enso to apply. We all have a right to learn more and to make our voice heard.