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Trainee Kickoff

​20 September 2013
​​After months of great anticipation the first module of the trainee program took place in Porvoo the 2nd to the 6th of September. Even though the schedule was full of interesting speakers and activities, to me the most exciting prospect was to meet and get to know all of the other trainees.
Thankfully everyone was very welcoming and made a real effort to get to know each other. After our first evening together the conversation was already flowing and the debates became more and more intense. One of the hot topics was communication and what our views, as newly employed, were of Stora Enso as a company. As you can imagine there were as many opinions as there were trainees! Something that we all agreed on as the week evolved however, was that we all wanted to be part of spreading the positive and forward looking view that was presented to us through the Group Leadership Team, pathfinder, safety, leadership and shared value lectures that we participated in. I therefore hope that this blog can become part of that aspiration!
To me one of the most interesting discussions concerned the motivational challenges that Stora Enso's leaders are faced with every day. During one discussion I asked Lars Häggström (EVP, Global People and Organisation) if he thought that it was possible to get all employees motivated and empowered by their work – and his answer was a resounding YES. This aspiration made me think about what motivated me and how I can incorporate that into my daily work. As I am motivated by challenges, for now I settle with grasping all of the different aspects of the Printing and Reading mills' financial operations that my team handles every day. Looking forward however I believe that it is up to me to see to it that I continue to improve this knowledge, by continually speaking to and learning from my colleagues in the Stockholm office as well as in the mills.
Besides being encouraged to discuss and think about different complex topics, our first week together also included a lot of fun activities. The evenings were filled with everything from hanging out in the sauna, great dinners, a guided tour of Porvoo and to my delight a 'friendly' teambuilding-competition. Did I mention that I looove competing, but am a really sore loser! Unfortunately my team just missed the first place, mostly due to our poor performance at shooting darts with something resembling a long pea-shooter and of course because the winning team cheated…
After this first week together I am sure that the trainee group not only will provide a great network for knowledge sharing, but also that we will have a lot of fun together. And I can't wait for the next time that we all meet up together again!