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We can all be heroes

Adam Fredriksson is one of Stora Enso’s GROW Global Trainees, who started their journey in September 2015. The GROW Global Trainee Programme is a unique opportunity to work full time at Stora Enso in a permanent position while attending world-class strategy and leadership modules at IMD Business School. Trainees also engage in real-life transformation projects in the company to support top management. The Programme ends in December 2016, and the next Programme will begin in September 2017.  Read Adam's blog post about the importance of everyday heroes.​
​When I was young, my biggest dream was to become Superman. Being able to fly, be a role model for others and save people in need were things I really wanted to do. Today, I work with logistics improvements and I am also part of the Stora Enso Global Trainee Program. I can honestly say that I am not Superman. Now you might think that my childhood dream is not reached, but what I have learned recently is that anyone can become a hero.
In life we all have our heroes who inspire us, whether in movies, sports or music. Heroes are those who allow us to dream, encourage us to find new adventures and motivate new discoveries. Heroes are also found in everyday situations where you least expect them, so called everyday heroes.
A couple of weeks ago I experienced a very hectic and stressful morning. Already stressed out, I arrived to the Gothenburg Central Station where everything was a chaos with lots of people, cancelled trains and replacement buses. My bus was delayed and I had to wait an hour. However, it did not take long before I discovered a woman working as a train attendant who I started to observe. I understood that her train was cancelled. Therefore, she was now helping passengers to find their way to the replacement buses and guided travelers through the chaotic situation. This woman was the most energetic and positive person I have ever come across. Despite the unfortunate situation for many travelers, she managed to keep the spirits up and spread joy during tough working conditions.  According to me, this woman is a perfect example of an everyday hero because she delivered beyond everyone's expectations, gave all travelers a smile on their face and even made my day.
I know that we can all be inspired and learn from this woman. I also know that everyone in Stora Enso have the possibility to make a difference and become a hero. Just think of what we stand for and what we do. Our purpose do good for the people and the planet and our values lead and do what's right describe how we want to change the world. It also tells me that we want to be forerunners and drive the industry forward. To be able to transform into a Renewable Materials Growth Company, human resource initiatives are vital. Success will not be given away for free, it must be earned after many years of dedicated hard work. I want you to think of how you can become a hero and contribute to our transformation, because I know we can do it!
We can all help a friend, a family, a company or the earth itself. Very little effort is usually needed to make life more pleasant. Even though we are not supermen or superwomen, we can all be heroes - rethink.
Adam Fredriksson