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What are your limits?

​I want to tell you a small story. This year I started running. Why? Mainly to keep fit and to give myself a reason to be proud of. Never before I had any serious sports hobbies. Moreover, at school I was so awkward I was always the last one to be selected to a volleyball team and was praying to be left on the bench. I was sure I am handicapped as an athlete and can keep up only with simple aerobics classes. I actually did some treadmill runs too usually stopping after 3km, which felt like pretty hard exercise already.


My first regular outdoor running attempts started last spring in Sao Paulo during my international assignment. I started with 3 km and soon got to 5 tracking the progress with a running iphone app.


In the evenings I could run only on a nice short jogging path around the house. It was surrounded by the fence, which made it very safe even after the dark. The only disadvantage was the numerous skyscrapers distorting GPS signal for my iphone app.


One day after proudly finishing running my 5 km I noticed that the iphone app was showing a very distorted picture of the path I made due to poor GPS signal. I became curious and estimated the length of the jogging path from Google maps and multiplied it by the number of loops I made. The result was 7 km.


Have you ever been sure you are incapable of something only to accidentally discover how easy that is? So, what are our actual limits? And when do our minds set the limits much below than what they actually are? How many opportunities do we miss in life just because of being sure we will fail?


Before the trainee program I never thought I am capable of leading people. I wasn’t confident enough to dream big and was scared to take some exciting challenges. But now I believe it is really up to you who you become in life. If you dare to try, many things become possible whether it is career, sports or leaning a foreign language.



Sincerely yours,

Determined-to-finally-learn-Finnish Eleonora