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FAQs for job seekers

Below​​ you will find a selection of the most frequently asked questions from job-seekers interested in working at Stora Enso.
What do you look for in candidates? 
This naturally depends a lot on the position. But as a general characteristic we would like to look for people who are "up for challenges" and ready take responsibility and initiative in any role that they assume.
What makes an application stand out? 
A good application is written specifically for the role and Stora Enso, it is not a generic application that can be sent anywhere. It also gives us a clear understanding of why a person wants to work for Stora Enso, what value they would bring in this specific role and something that will create interest to meet the person. In addition, it is important that the cover letter is not simply repeating the CV. It is an opportunity to sell oneself and should be used as such.
How about a good CV? 
A good CV is about two pages long and includes a short summary, education, work history, language skills, positions of trust, IT skills if required in the job, as well as some personal interests. A picture divides opinions and is also somewhat culture specific, so be aware of where you are applying for a job and apply the common practice. In Finland and Sweden it is common to include a fairly professional picture.
Do you accept applications by email? 
No, we don't. We would like to receive all applications through the recruitment tool. This will ensure that all relevant people have access to all applications in a timely manner.