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Our Pathbuilders programme has received the 2014 EFMD Excellence in Practice Gold Award from the European Foundation for Management Development.

Leadership development programme

​Stora Enso's Pathfinders and Pathbuilders programme has received the 2014 EFMD Excellence in Practice Gold Award in the category of Organisational Development from the European Foundation for Management Development. The award was granted jointly to Stora Enso and IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland, the Group's partner in running the programme. Read more on EFMD's website.
We have made a promise to rethink everything we do. Also when it comes to our career opportunities and professional development programmes. Did you, for instance, ever hear about a company with 28 000 employees where the top management asks its employees to challenge their decisions? Well, that’s what we do at Stora Enso with our Pathbuilders programme.
The programme was established in 2011 as the Pathfinders programme, and continued as the Pathbuilders programme in 2012. The purpose is to develop Stora Enso by addressing critical business challenges. While the challenges are the foundation for the programme, the participants also learn from case examples and the latest in research. Another goal is to give participants the opportunity to develop and realise their potential. All employees are eligible to apply, and to date more than 400 employees have expressed a desire to be part of the programme.
The Pathbuilders programme is run in partnership with IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland. The participants work closely with Stora Enso's top management and collaborate with colleagues across the organisation and different countries.
"The reason why we set up the Pathbuilders programme was that we made a promise some time ago to rethink to the new to our customers and our employees. We, in Stora Enso's Group Leadership Team, needed help to rethink to the new." - Lars Häggström, EVP, Global People and Organisation.
"We wanted to create a profound learning and growth experience to the Pathbuilders in this programme. We also wanted to give them the opportunity and space to come up with business ideas and start implementing them." - Albrecht Enders, Professor of Strategy and Innovation, IMD.