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Divisions and other functions

The divisions are responsible for their respective line of business and are organised and resourced to deal with all business issues. The CEO steers the divisions through quarterly and as needed Business Performance Reviews as well as the GLT meetings.

Strategic investment projects are approved on group level following the mandate by the CEO and Board of Directors. Each Division will in addition be granted an annual allocation intended for smaller annual replacement and development needs in relation to investments. All projects are reviewed by the Investment Working Group comprising group and division representatives and headed by the CFO (also the allocation proposals are made by IWG).

Innovation is organised and executed within the divisions to drive market and customer focus. The progress of innovation efforts are evaluated in quarterly Business and Innovation Reviews with the CEO, CFO, head of group innovation, the division Head and the division Innovation Head. Innovation funding is supported from group level by both the innovation and the digitalisation fund, where divisions make proposals, which are then reviewed and decided by IWG.

Sustainability is the responsibility of line management supported by subject matter experts throughout the group. Each business division also has its own Head of Sustainability who reports directly to the Executive Vice President of the division. Stora Enso’s sustainability work is steered by the Sustainability Council, whose members come from the group’s five divisions, Sourcing and Logistics, and group Sustainability team which reports to the Executive Vice President for Sustainability who in turn reports to the CEO. The CEO carries ultimate responsibility for successful implementation of Stora Enso’s Sustainability Agenda.

The Company has user boards for certain cross-functional service functions (Logistics, IT, Energy and parts of Wood Supply). These user boards consist of representatives of the divisions using these services. The user boards supervise and steer the operations of the respective functions.

The Company has established proper disclosure policies and controls, and process for quarterly and other ongoing reporting.