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Remuneration statement

This Remuneration statement describes Stora Enso’s main principles of remuneration and the remuneration paid to members of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other members of the Group Leadership Team (GLT). The first part of this report describes Stora Enso’s remuneration decision-making procedure and remuneration policy. The second part describes the implementation in 2017 (Remuneration Report).

The Remuneration statement has been prepared in accordance with the Finnish Corporate Governance Code (the “Code”). The Code is available at Stora Enso also complies with the Swedish Corporate Governance Code (“Swedish Code”), with the exception of the deviations listed in Appendix 1 of the Corporate Governance Report. The deviations are due to differences between the Swedish and Finnish legislation, governance code rules and practices, and in these cases Stora Enso follows the practice in its domicile. The Swedish Code is issued by the Swedish Corporate Governance Board and is available at