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Interim report archive

​​Below you can find our quarterly interim report materials for the last five years. For each quarter you will find the report, presentation material and analyst call transcript in PDF format, and key figures in Excel format. For older material, as well as other types of presentations and reports, please visit our Download Center here.


​PeriodReport (PDF)​​Key figures​PresentationAnalyst call transcript​
​Q2 2018ENG / FI / SE​Excel​PDF​PDF
​Q1 2018​ENG / FI / SE​ExcelPDFPDF
​Q4 2017ENG / FI / SEExcelPDFPDF
​Q3 2017ENG / FI / SEExcelPDF​PDF
​Q2 2017
​Q1 2017​ENG / FI / SEExcelPDFPDF
​Q4 2016​ENG / FI / SE​Excel​PDFPDF
​Q3 2016​ENG / FI / SEExcel​PDFPDF
​Q2 2016ENG / FI / SE​ExcelPDFPDF​​​
​Q1 2016ENG / FI / SE​Excel​PDFPDF​​​
​Q4 2015ENG / FI / SEExcelPDFPDF​​​
​Q3 2015ENG / FI / SEExcel​​PDF​​PDF​​​
​Q2 2015ENG / FI / SEExcel​​PDFPDF​
Q1 2015​ENG / FI / SEExcelPDFPDF​
Q4 2014​ENG/ FI / SE​ExcelPDF​PDF​
Q3 2014​ENG/ FI / SE​​Excel​PDFPDF
Q2 2014​ENG/ FI / SE​​Excel​​PDFPDF​
Q1 2014​ENG/ FI / SE​​Excel​​PDFPDF​
Q4 2013​ENG/ FI / SE​​Excel​PDFPDF​
​Q3 2013ENG/ FI / SE​​ExcelPDFPDF
​Q2 2013ENG/ FI / SE​​Excel​​PDFPDF​
​Q1 2013ENG/ FI / SE​​Excel​​PDFPDF