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​Tältä sivulta löydät Suomen ja Ruotsin yhteyshenkilömme media-asioissa. Lisäksi näet Suomen tuotantolaitostemme yhteystiedot.


Liisa Nyyssönen

Suomen mediavastaava

Tel: +358 2046 131

Carl Norell​

Ruotsin mediavastaava

Tel: +46 1046 71709

​Ulrika Lilja


Tel: +46 1046 71668

Stora Enso Anjala

Paperi: Ensontie 1
Kartonki: Etelätie 3

46900 Inkeroinen

020 46117

Stora Enso Enocell​

Tehtaantie 2, PL 2 

81281 Uimaharju

020 46122 

Stora Enso Heinola​
Tampellantie 1, PL 5

18101 Heinola
020 46111 

Stora Enso Packaging Oy

Tehtaantie 18, PL 38
18101 Heinola
020 46118

Stora Enso Honkalahti

Haukilahdentie 5, PL 12
54101 Joutseno

020 46113 

Stora Enso Imatra
55800 Imatra
020 46 121

Stora Enso Kitee

Teollisuustie 27

82430 Puhos

020 46111

Stora Enso Oulu

Sellu: Nuottasaarentie 17

Paperi: Paperitehtaantie 1

90400 Oulu
020 46124

Stora Enso Sunila​

Sunilantie 1

48900 Kotka

020 46111

Stora Enso Uimaharju

PL 1

81281 Uimaharju

020 46111​ 

 Stora Enso Varkaus
Kartonki: Satakunnankatu 10,
PL 169
LVL: Taipaleentie 15, PL 169
Saha: Ahlströminkatu 39, PL 177

78201 Varkaus

020 46120


Stora Enso Veitsiluoto

94800 Kemi
020 46125



  • Stora Enso AB Head Office

    Head Office Stockholm

    World Trade Center, Klarabergsviadukten 70, C4

    P.O. Box 70395

    SE-107 24 Stockholm, Sweden

    Tel +46 1046 46000

    Fax +46 8 106 020.

    The Stockholm office is located at the WTC (World Trade Centre) downtown Stockholm and it is easily accessible no matter how you travel.

    Travelling by plane
    Take the "Arlanda Express" from the airport. It is a 20 minute ride and the train stops just outside the WTC. Entrance "Klarabergsviadukten" or "Kungsbron". Single fare: SEK 200.
    More information,

    The Taxi journey, depending on the traffic, takes about 25 minutes to 45 minutes. The taxi fare is approx. SEK 400. Credit cards accepted.

    Travelling by train
    (For example, X2000 from Copenhagen, which only takes about 4,5h). As the central train station in Stockholm is connected to the WTC, follow the signs and enter the WTC from "Kungsbron" or "Klarabergsviadukten".

    More information,

    More information about Stockholm,

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  • Stora Enso Oyj Head Office

    Head Office Helsinki

    Kanavaranta 1

    P.O. Box 309

    FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland

    Tel +358 20 46 131

    Fax +358 20 46 21302.

    The Stora Enso's Head Office is located in the city centre of Helsinki, close to the presidential palace and market square Kauppatori. The distance from Helsinki-Vantaa airport is approx. 25 km.

    Travelling by plane
    The airport bus number 615 departs from the front of the airport terminal. Fare is payed on the bus and total travel time is 35-45 minutes.

    The bus arrives into the railway station. It will take 15 minutes to walk into the Stora Enso office. You can also catch tram number 4 eastbound from the front of the Stockmann department store.

    The taxi journey from the airport takes about 25 minutes. Credit cards are accepted.

    More information about Helsinki,

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