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Stakeholder bulletin regarding RRI report

​The Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) and Landesa have published a report about Stora Enso’s operations in Guangxi, Southern China, entitled “Forestland acquisition by Stora Enso in South China: Status, Issues and Recommendations”. The report, which is based on field research carried out in February 2013, discusses Stora Enso’s land leasing practices, contract screening and correction, the effect of land reform on the contracts and Stora Enso’s overall approach to responsible land tenure. You can read the full report, together with Stora Enso’s detailed response to the report, at

The Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI) is a global coalition of organisations working to encourage forest land tenure and policy reforms and transformation of the forest economy so that business reflects local development agendas and supports local livelihoods. The Landesa Rural Development Institute works to secure land rights for the world’s poorest people.

The report is a follow-up to the previous report issued by RRI and Landesa in 2010. Stora Enso collaborated with RRI and Landesa in the making of the report, invited the researchers to visit our operations in Guangxi and had dialogue with the organisations throughout the making of the report. In many ways, the report supports our responsibility agenda in Guangxi, as well as our vision for the future.​


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