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Stora Enso introduces a new Supplier Management process

​​In accordance with the Sourcing strategy, Stora Enso is changing the supplier on-boarding process globally. The purpose of this change is to proactively increase tender quality to reduce cost, develop Sustainable Suppliers to reduce risk, and enable opportunities.

Published: 9/15/2015 12:45 PM


​A part of the new process, Stora Enso introduces a new online tool to on-board suppliers. The tool is called Stora Enso Supplier Management, and it will be launched on 15 September 2015. In the on-boarding process, suppliers need to complete a pre-qualification process in order to become eligible to take part in tendering organised by Stora Enso. The pre-qualification includes a basic set of questions and requirement to sign the Supplier Code of Conduct, which is the pre-requisite in doing business with Stora Enso. Completing the pre-qualification doesn’t mean that the supplier automatically becomes a supplier for Stora Enso, it only means that the pre-qualification to join tendering process is completed.


“This is a big step forward for us, changing the focus from reactive to proactive. We want to increase our co-operation with our suppliers at the same time that we proactively ensure that the suppliers we use in Stora Enso are up to our standards. The new Supplier Management process and tool will play a vital role going towards that goal”, says Johanna Hagelberg, SVP, Sourcing.


The roll-out will take place in phases and it should be done by the end of Q2 2016. As a next step, the tool will be launched in China in the beginning of 2016.


For more information, contact Elina Seppälä, VP, Responsible Sourcing at