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The way to lead in Stora Enso

​For Stora Enso, there is no question about leadership being at the top of the agenda, and leadership development isn’t always done in the most traditional way.

Published: 2/2/2014 5:00 PM


​In 2011, we called together a group of people called the Pathfinders to challenge everyone and everything – to question old ways of doing things, find our path for the future, and come up with new solutions to please customers, shareholders and employees.
All employees were able to apply to the programme, and 12 participants from Finland, Sweden, UK, Poland, China and Brazil were chosen to the final group.
Building the path forward
The Pathfinders were given the task to operate as a shadow cabinet, making exciting, innovative and thought provoking recommendations to Stora Enso's top management by focusing on two specific challenges: innovation and global responsibility. At the same time, the Pathfinders were provided with the development opportunity of a lifetime.
After the Pathfinders made several recommendations to our top management, for example to develop a Purpose and a new set of Values, a new group, the Pathbuilders, was called to build our path forward, working on selected business challenges. Their task was to further develop Stora Enso and to accelerate the implementation of the Rethink philosophy. The Pathfinders and Pathbuilders programmes have been run in partnership with IMD Business School in Lausanne, Switzerland. The second group of Pathbuilders started in late 2013, and their journey continues.