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Biocomposites by Stora Enso

Helping shape a more sustainable future
Innovation is growing in the forest. It's not only a place where trees grow – it's where new ideas are taking root. At Stora Enso, we've taken a deeper look at this renewable resource to unearth recipes that blend the best of nature and technology. Recipes for innovation that use wood fibres to replace non-renewable materials in surprising ways that are limited only by your imagination.
Demand more – Demand renewable
Imagine if you could transform your products from everyday to exceptional. Well, you can with wood fibre biocomposites – simply by increasing the share of renewable content in plastic products.

To make our biocomposite granules, we combine wood fibres, polymers and additives in a way that forms a strong bond. We then form the resulting material into granules that are easily dosed for processing by injection moulding. 

These biocomposites combine the fantastic properties of both plastic and wood. You’ll get the mouldability and performance of plastic with the appearance and workability of wood in a strong and more sustainable product made from up to 60% renewable resources.

Tailored for a huge variety of applications
An amazingly versatile product, DuraSense™ by Stora Enso biocomposite granules can be used in a huge range of applications: 
Extruded profiles for decking, interiors, doors, claddingIndoor and outdoor furniture and furniture componentsConsumer products – nearly anything from toys to toothbrushesFood packaging components, such as screw caps, spouts and traysAutomotive interiorsDurable storage solutions – containers, bins and palletsWood profiles for decking, stable interiors and cladding 
From concept to commercialisation, your partner for success
Innovative products start with good ideas and rapid prototypes – and an easy, agile exchange between you and us. As a trusted, proven sustainability leader, we are eager to share our expertise. We can help you create innovative products based on cost-competitive and durable wood fibre composites that boost your business. All this while contributing to a more sustainable world with a viable alternative to fossil-based plastics.
Got a product idea? We’ll help you test it.
Our technical team of experts at our ISO-certified Hylte Mill in Sweden can help you with the entire prototype development process. We also provide world-class lab testing and on-site technical support after the product launch. 

Interested in entering the promising biocomposites market?Want to reinvent an old product?Have an idea for a new one? 
Discover DuraSense™ by Stora Enso for yourself.

Book a consultation and come to our labs to test out your recipes. Or, send your request to us today at:

Bio-based, label

DuraSense™ by Stora Enso includes between 30-60% of bio-based wood fibres depending on the product grade. In addition, some grades may include bio-based polymers.