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About intelligent packaging

Intelligent Packaging by Stora Enso drives digital transformation by providing real-time connectivity to retail, packaged products and delivery operations. It allows data capture, service integration and vast advantages in customer communications. End user sees this as improved customer experience, while companies benefit from better control, leaner operations and sales acceleration. The solution portfolio covers both B2B and B2C application areas.


We are a dedicated team of industry experts from various fields outside the conventional packaging with extremely strong connection to Stora Enso's packaging core and global networks.


Our approach


With our Intelligent Packaging you get everything for your packaging digitalisation project from a single source. Be it the identification and quantification of the business benefits or selecting the optimal technology components for your products and processes.
Stora Enso as the packaging company will supply you with intelligent packages or alternatively you can use our proprietary RFID tag encoding-application system to make your own products intelligent. Using state-of-the-art Stora Enso Cloud  applications, we translate the data from different readers and sensors into business events, helping you make better operational decisions.


Our approach to intelligent packaging
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