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Video room

What does intelligent packaging actually mean and what does it enable? Find out in following videos! Interested in receiving further information? Please contact us directly or visit intelligent packaging hub. 

Latest video: Intelligent packaging digitalises your business through packaging. This is how it works.

RFID is the technology we use to connect your packaging to the internet. We select the right RFID tag for the purpose or customize it. Your package is connected at the moment of production. Compared to bar codes the RFID grants unique identification codes to each package and reads up to 600 units per second through installed sensoring. It lets you know where the packaging is and how many unis you have in each location.  See how it works.

Video: Introduction to intelligent packaging.

Intelligent Packaging by Stora Enso drives digital transformation by providing real-time connectivity to retail, packaged products and delivery operations. See all that intelligent packaging can do.