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We help communities be resilient


Local communities living near our mills and forestry operations are one of our most important stakeholder groups. We aim to promote economic, environmental, and social development in these communities.
Opportunities and challenges
In many locations, Stora Enso is a major employer, tax-payer, and partner for local entrepreneurs. To ensure that our production, raw material sourcing, and labour supply remain both sustainable and competitive, the communities which we depend on must be able to thrive economically, socially, and environmentally.
Stora Enso's mills are heavily dependent on energy and raw materials, and they generate emissions that may impact neighbouring communities. Our tree plantations in China, Brazil, and Uruguay influence local land use, livelihoods, and ecosystems. Our socio-environmental impacts must be managed responsibly to maximise their positive influence, maintain cooperative community relations, and ensure our long-term license to operate.
Our policies
Code of Conduct
• Guidelines for Social Responsibility
• Statement on Human Rights
• Tax Policy
• Sponsorship and Donations Policy
• Business Practice Policy
• Community Investment Guidelines.
Our joint operations have each developed formal procedures for their respective community investment work.
How we work
In many locations, Stora Enso is a major employer, tax-payer, and partner for local entrepreneurs, which positively impacts the local economy. In addition to implementing mandatory and regulated contributions to communities, we apply precautionary management actions to mitigate and remedy potential adverse environmental and social impacts on neighbouring communities. These include:

- Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) for all new projects that could negatively impact local communities.
- Due diligence assessments as part of Stora Enso's acquisition and investment processes, including environmental, social, and business practice issues.
- Environmental Management Systems, such as ISO 14001 for production units.
- Sustainable forest management certification of Stora Enso's own forestry operations and suppliers.
- Restructuring processes planned in cooperation with local authorities.

Contributing to the vitality of neighbouring communities is high on Stora Enso's agenda. Actions include investments in capacity building, local nature conservation, agroforestry programmes and socio-economic development projects.

Building on the local community work Stora Enso has carried out over many years, we implemented a new group-wide framework for our community investment work in 2017.

In 2017, the total number of Stora Enso's community investment projects was 403, including those facilitated by our joint operations Veracel in Brazil and Montes del Plata in Uruguay.

During 2017, we engaged with the communities around our operations in various ways, including investments in agroforestry programmes, socio-economic development and capacity building projects. For more information, see our Sustainability Report.