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Sustainability fact sheets and stakeholder letters

Fact sheets and stakeholder letters


Wood and pulp fact sheets

This fact sheet describes the pulp bleaching process and methods at a Enso.


Climate change

​​This fact sheet describes how our products are helping mitigate climate change by being part of a continuous carbon cycle. You will also find information about how we are working towards carbon neutrality.

Stora Enso's operations in Guangxi, China

This bulletin is about Stora Enso’s operations in Guangxi, China. Bulletin is currently available in English, Swedish and Norwegian. All documents are in Pdf-format.
Stora Enso’s operations in Guangxi, China (137 KB)


Stora Ensos verksamhet i Guangxi i Kina (95 KB)


Stora Ensos drift i Guangxi, Kina (118 KB)​