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Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability strategy

​​​​​For Stora Enso, sustainability means realising concrete actions that will help us fulfil our Purpose, which is to ‘Do good for people and the planet. Replace fossil-based materials with renewable solutions.’ 
Our values, Lead and Do what’s right, guide our sustainability agenda. Our values are about setting high ethical standards in all of the work we do. As a global company we consistently act in accordance with our values, policies and guidelines everywhere we operate.

We comply with and when necessary go beyond the requirements of national legislation and regulations. We also expect our business partners and suppliers to comply with Stora Enso's policies and guidelines on Sustainability and Business Ethics.

Stora Enso’s sustainability agenda
Social, environmental, and economic sustainability form the triple bottom line. Sustainability at Stora Enso is about maximising positive impacts on people, the planet, and the economy, and minimising negative ones.

Within our Sustainability Agenda, we introduce nine areas of sustainability. Human rights are considered so important that they sit alongside the entire framework. Following the sustainability agenda we have set ambitious targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for our sustainability work.

An integral part of our business goals
Stora Enso’s wider business strategy is to achieve a transformation from a European pulp and paper company into a value-creating renewable materials company focusing on growth markets.

At the core of our businesses is our aim to replace non-renewable materials with our products and solutions based on renewable materials – and thus utilise our expertise on renewable materials to promote sustainable living globally.
As an integral part of our strategic business goals, our Sustainability Strategy and Ethics and Compliance Strategy direct us in our daily work to enhance the sustainability performance of our operations, and to create shared value with our stakeholders.