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Sustainability Report

Stora Enso's Sustainability Report 2017 covers the company's social, environmental, and economic sustainability performance. You can find the highlights of the year and the online Financial Report at 


The report is structured to reflect our Sustainability Agenda, with the agenda's ten sustainability topics addressed through a common four-level framework:

Opportunities and challenges these sections examine the external factors and global trends currently affecting the topics included in our Sustainability Agenda. Please note that our corporate risk management assessment appears in the Financial Report.

Our policies these sections set out the relevant strategies and policies we use to address key opportunities and challenges.

How we work these sections describe the processes, procedures, and systems we deploy to realise our strategies and policies.

Progress these sections report on our progress on related topics during 2017.


GRI index available as a separate PDF file
The GRI index for the report is available as a separate PDF supplement. Stora Enso's Sustainability Report 2017 corresponds to the "Comprehensive" level in the GRI G4 reporting framework

CO2 data assured on reasonable level
The Sustainability Report 2017 is assured by an independent third-party assurance provider with a level of limited assurance.

For the third year running a level of reasonable assurance has been provided for Stora Enso's reporting on direct and indirect fossil CO2 emissions (scopes 1 and 2). Stora Enso is one of the few companies in the world that assures its CO2 reporting for stakeholders at Reasonable Level.
Order a printed copy
You can order a free printed copy of the Sustainability Report 2017 hereFor Stora Enso's previous sustainability reports, other annual reporting, and our Interim Reports, see our download centre