Digitalisation in Stora Enso

Stora Enso’s digitalisation initiatives aim at developing competitive advantage by making full use of the opportunities enabled by new technologies and trends.

Strategic focus areas for digitalisation in Stora Enso

Digital Customer Experience, New Business Models, Smart Operations, Transparent Supply Chain, Robotic Process Automation, and Intelligent Processes are key focus areas as enablers for revenue growth and increased internal efficiency.

Within these areas, Stora Enso is making significant progress for industrial development and the implementation of new technologies comprising for example artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), blockchain, and many more.



Illustration of Digitalisation approach


Fostering a digital culture and mindset

While it is important for an organisation to develop and maintain a strong technical competence to work with new technologies, it is equally important to develop a strong culture and mindset for innovation and experimentation. This goes hand in hand with top management commitment to innovate and fail forward, as well as the employee engagement to not only learn about new technologies but also to be able to adapt and change to new ways of working.

Enabling the digital transformation and culture

To fully support a a digital culture and mindset, Stora Enso drives several important underlying programmes. Among them, the Digitalisation Fund, €10 Million annually, secures our ability to experiment and try new ideas. The Combient Foundry programme ensures that Stora Enso has access to collaborate with leading startups across the globe. The internal Digital Learning Academy enables all 26 000 employees to learn about the fundamentals of new digital technologies.

Another example of enabling initiatives is the Stora Enso Design System - a library of pre-designed and pre-coded web components to be used to accelerate design and development of web / mobile applications .



Award winning 5G on the shopfloor

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