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In the face of global megatrends, renewable solutions are needed more than ever before.

Global warming is one of the biggest challenges of our time. Additionally, the demand for food, clothing, housing, energy, infrastructure and consumer products continues to increase, driven by population growth, urbanisation, rising incomes, and changing lifestyles. More people and more consumption mean that the planet’s resources are being stretched even further.

The world needs a new approach to materials

Across markets, there are calls for change as consumers are increasingly turning to eco-friendly products. At the same time, the business demand for renewable, bio-based and circular solutions is growing rapidly. This is focused not only on the materials used but also on manufacturing, supply chain and logistics.

Stora Enso’s raw material is renewable, recyclable and fossil-free. This provides us with a great advantage in addressing the global megatrends and in leading business and industry in the bioeconomy. Our promise for a renewable future is based on sustainability, innovation and having the technological capabilities to meet the demands for a greener world.

Illustration - Megatrends

Innovation in Stora Enso
Cellulose foam by Stora Enso
Our innovation focuses on further development of existing products based on trees, as well as newer areas such as bio-barriers, intelligent packaging, bio-based carbons, bio-based plastics, dissolving pulp and novel cellulose materials.

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