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The Stora Enso brand touches customers and diverse stakeholders all over the world. It is a reflection who we are and the value we can bring.

‘The renewable materials company’

The renewable materials company encapsulates the Stora Enso brand. At the heart, we aim to help our customers to be more eco-friendly and competitive in a world with a growing demand for sustainable solutions, and to help them transition towards a bioeconomy.

The value we bring to customers and stakeholders is supported with insight and innovation in developing renewable materials to replace fossil-based and other non-renewable materials in different applications.

Our responsibility

Underlying our brand, Stora Enso works responsibly across our businesses, operations and markets. Respect for people and nature is paramount to any success. Our purpose ‘Do Good for People and the Planet. Replace non-renewable materials with renewable products’ and values ‘Lead’ and ‘Do What’s Right’ guide us in everything we do.

We work actively in promoting our brand consistently in our communications and marketing for all audience groups – to connect to customer needs and stakeholder expectations, and strengthen belief in our future and value.

All product and service offerings are endorsed by the company brand Stora Enso.

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