Small choices, big impact in Seefeld

Contributing to a sustainable event 

Stora Enso is the presenting sponsor for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld, Austria 2019. The sponsorship gives us the opportunity to contribute to a sustainable sports event and showcase our renewable solutions in various ways.

As a company working with renewable materials, we have a responsibility in helping the world move away from its dependence on fossil-based materials.

Stora Enso is contributing to the creation of a sustainable event in Seefeld with renewable materials such as carton board for packaging, building materials for the arenas, drinking cups, fibre-based cutlery, wood for buildings, podiums & award trophies, and paper for the media center & tickets. We’ve also made sure the arenas have several recycling stations and a waste management system.

Additionally, the event gives us a chance to show that people can make a real difference with their everyday choices. As the earth's population grows, the demand for food, housing, products and services are all increasing and stretching the planet’s ability to cope in the face of global warming. Our products provide a climate-friendly alternative to many products made from fossil-based materials and have a smaller carbon footprint. Throughout the event, we aim to increase the awareness among athletes, visitors and TV-viewers of the benefits of choosing products made from trees.  

Small choices, big impact. Choose products made from trees! 

Welcome to Seefeld, on-site or in front of the TV!

Presenting some of the things we do in Seefeld

Multi-use cutlery
Winners’ trophies
Biocomposite stadium horns