Kitee Sawmill

Kitee Sawmill in eastern Finland produces sawn timber, processed timber and pellets.

Key facts

  • Stora Enso Division: Wood Products
  • Country: Finland
  • Products: sawn timber, processed timber and pellets
  • Annual capacity: 260 000 m3 (sawn timber), 110 000 m3 (processed timber) and 25 000 m3 (pellets)
  • Number of employees: 85
  • Founded: 1978


Kitee Sawmill
Teollisuustie 27
82430 Puhos


+358 204 61 11

Stora Enso plans consolidation of spruce production to one sawmill in Finland
In our operations, we work to ensure effective use of all parts of the tree, including residuals for bioenergy.