Tidiness and order

Tidiness and order are prerequisites for safe work. Once the work is completed, the contractor must remove from the worksite all temporary structures and scaffolding, installation equipment and waste and leave the area in a safe state.

Waste management

The party carrying out the work is responsible for waste sorting and for taking it to the collection point. The work is ready when the final clean-up of the worksite is completed.

Hazardous waste must be separated from other materials to avoid safety risks and the contamination of the other materials so that they become unusable.


 Waste Sorting at Veitsiluoto Mill


  • Dirty paper and fiber waste (originating from mill prosesses)
  • Wood and bark waste, pallets, wood pieces (under 1,5m)


  • Paper from offices and clean paper waste
  • Packing board, clean paper wrappers, cores

 RECYCLED PLASTIC(separate collection and baling at source)

  • Plastic wrappers of paper reels

 SCRAPMETAL, blue colour

  • Scrap metals, also cable waste

 BIO WASTE, (seperate collection in kitchens and dining rooms)

  • Food wastes, fruit peels, coffee grounds and filters, paper hand towels and serviettes

LANDFILL WASTE, brown colour

  • Industrial and other waste not suitable for utilization
  • Bonding wires and bands, ropes, paster tapes, fabrics, gloves, wires
  • Empty canisters, contexture plastics, other plastics (no separate collection)
  • Waste containing stones, concrete, metal, saltor PVC-plastic (pipes, floor and wall coatings)

 HAZARDOUS WASTE, red colour

  • Used oils to oil containers
  • Oil filters and solid oil waste, spray cans and paint waste, electronics waste, batteries, fluorescent lamps and discharge lamps, each to its own waste collection container 
  • Lead acid batteries and tyres to the resellers or to the hazardous waste plant
  • Ink cartridges and ribbons to the main warehouse
  • Print and marking inks, laboratory chemicals and solvents etc to the hazardous waste warehouse
    Further information in the waste sorting instruction

Waste that can be used as material:

  • paper
  • clean cardboard
  • metals
  • glass

Energy material:

  • clean energy fraction
  • energy fraction

Other fractions:

  • biowaste

Landfill fractions:

  • material that is not suitable for the previous fractions

Hazardous waste is separated, marked and packaged appropriately and carefully.

Why sorting is worthwhile?

  • Waste in the wrong place can cause chemical reactions
  • Saves the environment
  • Material can be reused
  • Waste can be processed into energy
  • Makes economic sense

For the duration of shutdowns, the number of collection bins and pallets will be increased as needed and they will be emptied more frequently. The locations of additional pallets will be revealed before the work is begun by the contractor at each worksite.

If the clean up has to be performed by the orderer after the subcontractor, the subcontractor will be sent an invoice for the clean-up in question.