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As Quality Manager at Wood Supply, Russia, Kirill works in a team focused on providing customers with a stable flow of quality wood raw materials, delivered according to plan and with optimal pricing. He first joined as a project manager in 2005, when the Vyatka wood terminal opened, and then held positions as deputy terminal manager and procurement manager.

He studied economics at Saint Petersburg State University before returning to Stora Enso and taking on his current role in 2010. Digitalisation is a key undertaking for Kirill and his team, and an important factor for boosting quality and efficiency.

“We already have a strong focus on innovation, which helps us in this,” Kirill says. “For example, we undertake regular stocktaking by drone at all nine of our terminals in Russia. And we’re exploring new opportunities for using information from advanced technology sources. From big data to satellites, cloud and machine learning – it’s all on our agenda.” While managing data is an essential activity, it can also present issues. “For planning purposes, it’s very important to have accurate and detailed information about transportation capacity, quality and quantity of wood throughout the supply chain, from forest to customer,” says Kirill.

“A challenge is accumulating all the data from different sources and getting it into one format.” As part of Kirill’s role, he is frequently out visiting the terminals, mills and harvesting areas. “It’s good to have a balance between working in the office and being out at our locations. I enjoy working with colleagues around the world to drive ethical business and further our corporate purpose and values.”

Kirill Sobolev

Kirill Sobolev

Quality Manager at Wood Supply

Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

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