Innovation centre for biomaterials

The promise of renewable, bio-based materials

The Innovation Centre for biomaterials hosts research, application, business development and strategic marketing under one roof with a distinctive focus on innovation and identifying business opportunities in markets for renewable materials and bio-based chemicals.

Innovation projects build on Stora Enso’s heritage in forestry, access to sustainable raw materials and expertise in fibres, with new perspectives on applications that can help to replace fossil-based products and address challenges such as climate change, increased urbanisation and consumption, demand for sustainable manufacturing and products as well as water and land use issues.

Located in Sickla just south of Stockholm city centre, the Innovation Centre for biomaterials brings together talents from as many as fourteen different nationalities, with experience in different markets, applications and technologies. Projects and expertise are additionally linked with leading research centres, universities and business partners.

Customer collaboration is an essential part of our innovation work, to further develop the existing pulp portfolio and find new renewable solutions for unmet needs in different industries.

renewable materials

Our innovation focuses on further development of existing products based on trees, as well as newer areas such as bio-barriers, intelligent packaging, bio-based carbons, bio-based plastics, dissolving pulp and novel cellulose materials.