Digitalisation in the supply chain

Stora Enso is working to increase transparency and sustainability in the supply chain both internally and externally. Below follow a few examples of solutions we have developed.


New retail solutions for unmanned retail

Stora Enso’s paper-based ECO RFID tag creates the possibility to follow any package on its journey around the world. The RFID technology can also be used in the retail industry to keep information about individual items in stores or for example cabinets. Stora Enso offers several solutions connected to the RFID technology and one of them is the unmanned retail solution. This means that in addition the RFID-based ECO tag technology we also offer cabinets and a back-end solution for retailers to keep track of transactions, replenishment and other management need.

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Smart cabinet
Print screen

Simplifying construction work with a mobile application

Making sure that the right building element is installed at the right place and in the right time usually means a lot paperwork at the construction site. To ease up the process and save time, Stora Enso together with partners, developed a mobile application that bridges the gap between the construction site and the 3D model of the building. When the wooden building elements arrive from Stora Enso’s mills, we have placed QR codes on them for quick scanning. Once scanned, the personnel at the building site will see the element’s exact placement in a digital 3D model, as well as information about how the element should be lifted, mounted and installed onsite.

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