Innovation centre for packaging

Collaboration in an inspiring space

The Innovation Centre for packaging, located in the heart of Helsinki, enables collaboration with customers such as brand owners, retailers, converters and manufacturers, as well as other stakeholders and partners to develop innovative and sustainable packaging concepts.

The Innovation Centre offers, among other things, a packaging design lab, showroom and presentation areas with advanced audiovisual technology, virtual reality retail analysis technology and intelligent packaging demonstrations, as well as workshops, packaging design and prototyping.

Moreover, the centre serves as an incubator hub for customers, startups and other industry stakeholders to commercialise new packaging concepts and design trends.

At the centre, Stora Enso emphasises engagement, learning and knowledge sharing that will spark new innovation throughout the value chain, taking into account megatrends, customer insights and challenges, changing consumer demand, and reduction of environmental impact and total cost. 


What is a renewable material?

It’s a material that will not run out – such as trees, which can be planted and re-grown. Products made from wood contribute to a circular and more sustainable world.