The Accelerator Programme

Exploring radical opportunities in circular economy, through co-creation

Are you a startup looking to adapt your product or technology? One that could have a radical impact on the circular economy? Stora Enso offers a unique possibility for disruptive startups to learn first-hand from an industry leader, which may even lead to a new product-market fit.

Whether or not your startup already focuses in circular economy, if your services could be applied to this space then this is a fantastic opportunity for you.

We strongly encourage startups with current offerings in supply chain technologies, IoT, big data, analytics, machine learning, AI, VR, robotics, automation, or hardware systems that can provide solutions in the circular economy to apply to this programme. The top 6 teams will be selected to work together with Stora Enso in a unique 3-month accelerator programme.


Apply your technology to raw material use, reuse, repurpose, recycling or waste for industrial markets

Raw Material

Management of raw materials associated with production/manufacturing processes


Reform the collection, handling and management of packaging materials


Investigate opportunities in the separation of production materials


Explore opportunities in the reuse of energy fuels, biofuels and waste processes

Stora Enso Accelerator programme

The Stora Enso Accelerator programme brings opportunity for growth as well as unprecedented access to Stora Enso talents and leadership, working side-by-side for innovative solutions.

  • Dedicated resources from Stora Enso – Coach from leadership and three Stora Enso
  • Talents for each selected startup, providing essential knowledge and access throughout the programme
  • Potential corporate client looking for a long-term commercial partnership
  • Service and business design support
  • Globally renowned 3-month business co-creation programme
  • Prominent network of +200 world-class mentors and industry experts
  • Immersion in one of the most vibrant startup communities in the world (Maria 01 in Helsinki)
  • Neither equity nor fee taken for the programme

The 2017 Stora Enso Accelerator programme has resulted in continuing cooperation with several startups as well as a partnership with Sulapac.

Stora Enso as a transformation partner

With renewable materials at our foundation, Stora Enso plays an important role in the bioeconomy, where fibre-based products replace fossil-based materials to battle climate change. We welcome collaboration with innovative, fast-moving startups to advance capabilities and technologies, embrace new market opportunities and speed up our business transformation. The startups we select to collaborate with could be our partners or suppliers of tomorrow, together building a renewable future.

 Application period is now closed.

Want your startup to grow faster?

The world’s leading renewable materials company wants to work with you. Apply for the Accelerator programme, run together with Vertical Accelerator and Aalto ENT.

Application period now closed.

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