Göran Sandberg

Goran Sandberg, Board of Directors

Göran Sandberg


Member of Stora Enso’s Board of Directors since April 2017. Member of the Sustainability and Ethics Committee since April 2017. 

Independent of the company but not of its significant shareholders due to his position as executive director of majority shareholders of FAM AB, a significant shareholder of the company.


Member of the Board of the Marcus Wallenberg Foundation for Promoting Scientific Research in the Forest Industry and the Wallenberg Foundations AB.

Professor in Plant Biology and professor at the Swedish University of Agricultural Science and the Umeå University. Executive director of the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation and the Marianne and Marcus Wallenberg Foundation. Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Science, the Royal Swedish Academy for Agriculture and Forestry Sciences, and the Royal  Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. His previous positions include Vice chancellor of Umeå University 2005–2010, Chair of Umeå Plant Science Center 1996–2004, Chair of SciLifeLab Sweden 2013–2016 as well as Board member of the Human Protein Atlas project and the Wallenberg Wood Science Center.   




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