Ice cream in a board basket

Published 1 October 2014
​The ice cream snack box of Aloha, from Italy, differs from others through its look and feel. The box won the Food packaging category in the 2014 Pro Carton/ECMA Awards for outstanding carton packaging.

Initially Aloha wanted a wicker basket and was of the opinion that a cartonboard solution could not be used. However, wicker baskets are expensive and the carton manufacturer was able to convince the customer otherwise. The objective remained the same – a packaging which perfectly represents the product and remains useful to the end: when the product is on the table and being consumed.

The box is made from Stora Enso’s CKB board. The shape and decoration on both sides of the carton convey a feeling of an exclusive and natural product, said the Pro Carton/ECMA Awards jury. The decorative edges have been made by laser cutting.

The board material and skillful techniques have resulted in a more ecologically sustainable and less expensive packaging concept than previously. The package manufacturer is Pringraf Cartotecnica and Stora Enso’s local board merchant in Central and Southern Italia is Cartularia.

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