Innovation that makes a difference

Published 10 October 2014
An innovative package the size of fingertip has won the IQ Innovationpreis in Germany. Developed by a team from Dresden University of Technology, the mini-container made of Stora Enso’s Trayforma Natura board carries beneficial insects used in biological pest control.

The solution is based on an innovative, industrial packaging process in which the mini-containers are effectively pressed and filled with insect eggs. For the first time, this can be done efficiently by a machine with an output of 150 packs per minute. The insect eggs survive in the board package thanks to its air permeability. The fibre-based packages are safe to spread in fields, where they release the good insects to kill the bad ones, and break down into humus naturally.

Nearly 90% of German corn fields suffer from pests. The new biological pest control solution is an environmentally sound alternative to genetic engineering and chemical pest control. The solution was created in cooperation by the university’s packaging technology department, SLZ Maschinenbau GmbH and BIOCARE Gesellschaft. Stora Enso was actively involved in the material and runnability tests.

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