Packaging Solutions successfully engaging with Retail customers

Published 2 October 2014
As retailers are increasing their share of private label goods, they are increasingly becoming direct customers to Packaging Solutions. That’s why the most recent Viewpoint report focused on the future of Retail Packaging and why Stora Enso presented the Viewpoint at the World Retail Congress in Paris yesterday, Europe’s largest retail event.

“Retail is an important growth segment for us. There are two reasons for this. One is the obvious that retailers are becoming brand owners with their growing share of private labels. Secondly, the growth of on-line sales for retailers requires partly new packaging solutions, catering for online shoppers”, says Björn Thunström, VP Marketing and Customer Loyalty, Packaging Solutions.

“To build our positioning within retail packaging, we need to be where the retail customers are. The World Retail Congress was a fantastic opportunity to engage with current and future customers, and to strengthen our dialogue with retailers on the future of packaging. The event was at a very high level with many CEOs from the major retail chains in Europe present among the 1 400 delegates.”

During a special breakfast seminar organised by Stora Enso Hannu Alalauri had an opportunity to present the findings from the retail Viewpoint to senior representatives of many of Europe’s large brands.

Many in the audience emphasised the importance of sustainability for any product or packaging for the future and also the increasing role of on-line retail and how that put new requirements on packaging for the total shopping experience.

“Being present at the World Retail Congress has been a great way to get a better understanding of changing consumer behaviour, with multi-channel online and offline convergence putting the consumer in control as never before – consumers know what they want and when, and expect retailers to deliver the customer experience accordingly,” says Björn Thunström.

The Retail Viewpoint report has been, and will be, presented in a number of conferences. Last week Tomek Zebrowski, Head of Corrugated Central Europe, presented the findings in Poland, which is an extreme market when it comes to the development of discount retail stores. In the last eight years they have increased by 63%.

The Viewpoint reports can be found in a number of languages on the web together with a video presenting the report.

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