Stora Enso Packaging rewarded one of Husqvarna's most innovative suppliers

Published 19 October 2014
​Stora Enso Packaging recently made it to the podium when Husqvarna rewarded their most innovative suppliers in 2014. The award was mainly based on that Stora Enso Packaging has created a completely new attractive chainsaw packaging with four color print and innovative functions.

The package has for example photos, describing the advantages with the product. The solid four color print makes the package stand out in the store and shows that Husqvarna is a high quality brand.

"We are proud and delighted to have been rewarded one of Husqvarna's top three innovative suppliers. The new chainsaw package is the latest in a row of innovative packaging, which we created in close collaboration with Husqvarna. It is important for us to develop products in close cooperation with our customers." says Fredrik Stensson, Marketing Manager Sweden, Stora Enso Packaging.

Stora Enso and Husqvarna has over the years developed a successful and close relationship, taking advantage of each other's experience and knowledge to achieve the best possible results.

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