3D imaging speeds up Järvikylä's new packaging project

Published 9 November 2014
​The renewal of Järvikylä’s herb and lettuce packaging was kicked off following requests made by shops to change the opening mechanism on the packaging. The best part of the successful project was having the opportunity to test the plans in a virtual environment before making the final decisions.

Famifarm Oy and Stora Enso’s collaboration has lasted as long as the Järvikylä brand’s potted vegetable production – close to 30 years. The previous corrugated board package had been in use since the turn of the millennium, and feedback from the shops was that the plastic pull strip was difficult to use. An easy-to-use package is crucial, as shops spend more than 70% of their working time placing products on shelves. Famifarm thus gave Stora Enso a clear assignment: get rid of the pull strip.

A gathering of top professionals

In addition to the product itself, new packaging must also take into account the structure, appearance and material of the package, as well as packaging automation. Stora Enso’s DesignStudio concept takes all of these factors into consideration.

“Thanks to DesignStudio’s systematic approach, our major package renewal went smoothly and consistently,” says Jukka Pehkonen, Famifarm Oy’s Managing Director.

About a dozen people were part of the Järvikylä project, so a fusion of knowledge and ideas was guaranteed to take place in the team meetings.

“When everyone involved is an expert in their own field, decisive and progressive decisions emerge at a brisk pace,” says Stora Enso Sales Manager Vesa Penttinen, who has headed many development projects in the DesignStudio.

Quick, easy and sustainable

The key feature of the new package is its EasySellDesign structure, which replaces the pull strip. In the new package, the upper part of the box is removed with just a few hand movements thanks to perforation holes. The design of the bottom part of the box reflects the look of Järvikylä’s new packaging.

The renewal also has a clear environmental dimension – removing the plastic pull strip saves tonnes of plastic annually.

Virtual shop makes strong impression

In addition to the basic packages, the campaign boxes were also redesigned. Various alternatives were considered in the 3D Store setting, which allowed the customer see the products as part of a greater whole, instead of just one package. “Bulk and three-dimensionality change the essence of the product so much that 3D was a must in testing out the different looks. Every industrial operator should use a 3D shop environment when designing packages. It saves an incredible amount of time and nerves and offers an amazing opportunity to test the packages before making final decisions,” says Pehkonen.

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