Round, oval and rectangular shapes

Published 10 November 2014
​Packaging machinery specialist Hörauf and Stora Enso are collaborating to provide paperboard cans in different shapes – round, oval and rectangular forms – with various sealing and lidding solutions. Paperboard cans provide a distinctive option to differentiate products at the point of sale while optimizing packaging processes.

Cans made of barrier-coated board can be used for packaging candies, chewing gum and various dry foods ranging from pasta to coffee, as well as non-food products. According to Fredrik Werner, Stora Enso’s Segment Development Manager for food, beer and beverage packaging, with tailor-made barrier laminates the packs can even be made airtight, which makes them suitable for the most demanding end uses. There is a great opportunity to replace non-renewable packaging materials with this innovative solution.

Thanks to the combination of Stora Enso’s high-barrier board and Hörauf’s new packaging equipment, the whole packaging operation can be managed in-house, from pre-printed board reels to final, filled and sealed consumer packages. This saves time and money compared with the traditional use of pre-fabricated packages, which are costly to transport and store. The same equipment can be used to manufacture packaging with different shapes by simply changing the tooling. The solution is supported by Hörauf’s extensive experience and competence in paperboard converting technology, package testing and operational support.

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